Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Pink (again), white

Before I even say anything, let me apologize for my bad hair day and my tired face. Well, my bad 'head' day in general, so it seems. These pictures were taken on Sunday, after a long weekend of taking photographs of pudding (seriously), going out and building up a lack of sleep. And the weather was so awfully grey and drizzly, which just happens to bring out my puffy eyes. Thanks, stupid Sunday.

Friday night has been really fun au contraire: I went to have dinner with my parents and boyfriend as an early birthday dinner (I'll be turning 25 in exactly eleven days, and I like to remind people of that blissful event that is my birthday during the ENTIRE month of December). And seems my strategy works because my mom already surprised me with a gift! She bought me perfume, Chanel n°5 to be precise! My first 'grown-up' perfume! I've been using some coconut eau de toilette from Yves Rocher since I was fourteen. True story. Still love it, though, but the time was right for a scent that doesn't constantly remind me of Bounty candy bars or a camp organised by the CM, located in Espalion back in 2002.

To defy the ugly weather, I wore my pink Zara pants. Unfortunately the pink is already fading. I bought them only last spring! Any tips on fixating the color? They have already gotten their vinegar bath before I washed them for the first time. They fit so damn fine and the color is was perfect!

It may seem that I wear my hair in a bun a lot, but actually that's not true. I usually have a high ponytail, but for some reason I end up making a bun when taking outfit pictures. Random fact! 

Jacket, pants: Zara - Scarf, blouse, booties: H&M - Earrings: New Look

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  1. Mooie broek, en ja ik ken het: vervagen van kleuren; niets aan te doen vrees ik... Misschien eens wassen met wat extra kleurmiddel (naaister/schoenmaker), maar dan loop je natuurlijk het gevaar dat je een andere kleur uitkomt!


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