Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Christmas bells

As I'm writing this, Christmas is sadly almost over. I always feel a bit bummed, because the holidays pass so quickly. And in my book, New Year's Eve is pretty much always a big letdown, so that doesn't count. Being forced to have 'the best time' is something that always backfires in the opposite direction. This year I'm not even gonna dress up, I REJECT TO DO IT! Booh conformity, go anarchy! God, I feel like I'm 14 years old again while saying that. This year I'm going to grow up (who am I kidding, really...).

Anyway, Christmas I do love a lot, so I pulled out all the goodies. Meaning: I redyed my hair (colour tulip, but I have to admit it isn't much different from my previous colour...), put some glitters on my nails, curls in my hair, lots of gold and glitter everywhere, make-up, high heels... The whole package! I went for a little bit of a pin-up, retro, vintage, whatever kind of look. Well, I actually decided on going that direction when trying on my new skirt that arrived in the post. It's a bit longer than I normally wear, so it gave me an instant fifties vibe.

I do resent these dark days a little bit, not in the very least because it's too dark too early. This is especially extremely annoying when trying to grab some outfit pictures. No other choice than to use the flash. Inside the house. Double fail. Big sigh. Thank God for the Christmas tree to spice things up a bit. Although I'm more fond of my grand mom's tree: it has all sorts of ornaments, sparkling lights in all different colours... I'm so inheriting that! 

A merry Christmas to you all! How were your holidays? And what do you think of New Year's Eve?
Skirt: Forever 21 - Blouse: Primark - Shoes: Van Dalen - Necklace, bracelet, bow: H&M - Nailpolish: Ici Paris XL - glitter nailpolish: Claire's


  1. Heel leuk gecombineerd met die witte rok! & haha ken het probleem van de outfitfoto's!

    x Denbelle

  2. En als het dan licht is, is het zulk druilerig weer!


Thank you!


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