Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We Wear: Pastel overload

Aahh, summertime and the living's easy. That's for sure the case when on a holiday in a beautiful city like Seville, Spain. And when it all comes together so nicely - when the houses and doors are a match made in heaven - the living just gets awesome. This skirt is such an old thing, but I keep it hanging in my closet since every year I reach for it at least a few times. This time I opted to edge up the style just a little by adding some bling and contrasting it with a black crop top. Sometimes you wanna be the sugarcoat cute girl, whereas on other occasions,  you wanna be a badass. And that, my dear friends, is a little thing called life. 

Our trip to Seville is already more than a month ago, but I still reminiscence about this stunning city. Definitely a recommendation if you're on the hunt for a city trip. I'm by the way so addicted: I just typed the previous sentence and with the word 'hunt', my mind strayed to lunch time at work aka Pok√©mon Go time! Yep, yours truly is also a fan, same as the rest of the world! 

PS: Those two cuties (or should I say weirdos) in the bottom pictures are my mom and my little sister.  Eternal love and sunshine for them. And with that very hippie-esque quote, I'm out.

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