Sunday, June 26, 2016

We Wear: Mint tutu

Well, another blog post of mine has been long overdue. Remember last time I talked about leaving for my holiday to Seville? The holiday in itself was awesome, hanging out all day in good company (my sisters! my mom!) and with sunshine on our faces. I'll get into that soon enough as I've got a few blog posts lined up with some summer and city trip proof outfits! Everything is a bit delayed at the moment because my grandpa died just after we got back from our trip. It's been hectic and sad times, but I hope everything will now slowly fall back to its place, to have a little bit of room to breathe again. I'm just so thankful for all the great childhood and not-so-childhood memories we got to share.

Speaking of childhood memories, these pictures right here are probably what I dreamed about being a kid, desperately wanting to go to ballet class merely for the tutu. The circle appears to be round. 


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