Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Wear: Tartan

These past weeks have been hectic and busy as I'm currently deadlining - if you've seen me recently, you know it is a word - for a grant project proposal as a post-doctoral researcher. Now that the end is almost near and I can virtually touch that moment of relief, I feel like I can finally breathe again. That being said, I'll keep it short today. Brains fried and all. 

One thing I would like to draw your attention to is, yet again, the magnificence that accompanies this jacket. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again a thousand times: It is divine. I think I finally found my true staple piece and the perfect replacement for my jeans jacket. If I can share some shopping advice with you: Go out into the world and search for the perfect black (bomber) jacket, that can just as easily be worn to attend fancier events as your average garage band concert. It is everything and everything in between. Additionally, it is a compliment magnet, which never hurt anybody. But be aware, your family members might go and rummage through your closet in a futile attempt to find this treasure. Now go, my children, and search!  

PS: Thanks again to Paplou Hasselt for introducing me to the outstanding brand Louche! 

PS2: And again a special thanks to my friend for snapping these photos!

Jacket: Louche (Paplou) - Dress: Primark - Boots: Anna Field (Zalando) - Beanie: unknown - Necklace: Claire's

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   Pictures by Mary Doumen


  1. Wat een leuk jurkje en de laarzen zijn absoluut prachtig!

    x Karen

  2. Van een prachtige blogpost gesproken! HEEL inspirerend, en de look is echt af!
    De jacket en het jurkje zijn geweldig samen xx

  3. ik wist niet dat jij ook aan een doctoraat werkte! Waar/waarover?

    Looking great as always, en succes met de post doctoral proposal!


Thank you!


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