Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We Wear: In the woods

It was a rainy day a few weeks ago when my awesome friend Mary and I headed for the woods to shoot some pictures. It rained and I was freezing, but boy oh boy was the end result worth it. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a friend willing to do a mini photo shoot with me. In fact, we photographed two outfits, so brace yourselves for another one in the upcoming weeks.

As in winter my dark broody side seems to re-emerge - at least on an outfit level - I wanted to capture this facet and let's be honest here, what better suited location is there than a forest in winter time. And what better outfit is there than one that incorporates knee high boots and a long, black duster coat to cross over to the dark side. I love absolutely everything about these pictures, especially the fact while they do elicit a dark atmosphere, they are not in your face dark (I guess I specifically have my hair to thank for that). 

To make a long story short, nothing but love at the start of 2015: for my friend, for the coat (!), for the boots (not an easy item to find: knee high boots that still possess a little bit of class), even the rainy freezing weather as of lately.

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To feel healthy again - damn you stupid cold!

Coat: Sheinside - Knee boots: Anna Field - Jumper dress: Boohoo - Necklace: Claire's


Pictures by Mary Doumen


Thank you!


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