Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Surf's up!

Another Wednesday, another WWWW? Yes, but it's going down slightly different today. I'm not just going to show you one outfit, but more like a gazillion outfits that I wore on my holiday so you'll get the instant surfers flow vibrating. So chillax dude and put a wetsuit on, come on, come on! 

The past few weeks I've been road trippin' and visiting surf spots in Spain and France. We first went to San Sebastian, quite a big city in Spain. It's actually really weird, because one moment you're out shopping in the big city streets and the next moment you're on the beach trying to squeeze yourself in a wetsuit. The city really gives you a mixture of both: a great place to visit if you want to do some surfing, but do not want too stray to far in the middle of nowhere. 
Our next stop was Pamplona which we visited very brief. It was more a in the heat of the moment kind of thing, because we heard that at that very moment we were travelling there, it was San Fermín in Pamplona. That's a festival in the very small streets of Pamplona with as a main event the running of the bulls. People run along with these bulls in those very, tiny streets of Pamplona and I presume they get a major kick out of it (I would more likely shit my pants or something). We didn't actually see the running of the bulls, but did get a good taste of the general atmosphere. Although the taste wasn't always that good, I have to say the city smelled really badly (and I'm a girl who loves to go to festivals, and we all know that doesn't smell like roses after four days). But it was great to see how everybody and I mean literally everybody wore a traditional white outfit with a red scarf. I jumped on that train and bought me such a red scarf, just because sometimes a girl  just wants to fit in. Ok, only when it's about cool traditions and I really wanted that scarf, so there you have it.
Afterwards, we spend a few days at our final stop: Mimizan in France. A really lovely town and a more than welcome contrast with the ever crowding cities of San Sebastian and Pamplona. Fewer tourists, beach and sea for as far as the eyes can reach, more space to surf and small alleys which are the perfect spot to longboard (or at least an attempt to). Right and as you may see, I do a silly thing with my hand when I'm grooving (haha) on my longboard. I call it rabbit style longboarding, bam.
But of course, I still have to show you some of my outfits. Road tripping, surfing and staying at campings stands for me for comfortably, breezy clothes: denim shorts, bikinis, band shirts, sun glasses, hats, oversized sweaters, leggings, Vans, a wetsuit, friendship bracelets (although mine are now probably somewhere lost in the deep, vast ocean), my red hey-let's-do-the-whole-San Fermín-thing, flowers ... I'll just leave you with the pictures, because I've been rambling on for WAY to long now! 

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