Friday, July 6, 2012

Rock Werchter 2012

We (or just me) are SO LATE for our What We Wear Wednesdays, but I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow.  You may have noticed that Karolien and I alternate every week. But she's living the good life now in France, rocking some waves! Or at least trying to. And I totally forgot that I would have to fill this gap. I'M SORRY! Forgive me?

But first things first: Rock Werchter, baby! I think it's been six years since I've been there. I like Pukkelpop better, and it's so expensive to attend two big festivals. But we all know what happened last year at Pukkelpop. So we decided to go at least one day to Werchter this year. So when the ticket sale started, we bought our ticket for Sunday! And two weeks ago I won a Proximus contest, and what did I win... *drumroll*... Werchter tickets for Thursday! Yay! Usually, I never win a thing! I was so glad I could get a day off at work so I could enjoy the lovely weather and lovely music at Werchter.  And the boyfriend was glad too, because he could tag along with me, the little profiteer. Just kidding, honey. We did have to queue for over an hour in the blistering heat before we got in. But The Cure made it all worth it! Robert Smith kind of resembled an old granny with his teased hair, but his voice is so sweet! Marry me? :D The next day I heard an interview with him, where he was explaining that he didn't like the show that much because he thought he could have done better, that his singing wasn't as good as it normally is. Isn't that the cutest thing. On stage for over thirty years, but still worried about his performance. That's commitment! I'm sorry, Robert Smith, I don't think you like me calling you 'cute', but it's your voice. I'm in love with your voice. It's so sweet I'm gonna die! I think he should make babies with Florence Welch. Those kids would have voices to die for! 

On Sunday, we ran into Eva and Dinela from Rotterdam while they were walking towards the festival. Rocking damn nice vests and kick ass shoes!

I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't indulge you in some more pictures. So here you go!

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