Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Wear: Weekend look

Aaah, take me back to a time, not so long ago, where I could venture outside without looking like a pile of clothes. A time like when these pictures were taken for instance! Now, we're in deep winter temperatures which make me pull out of my blanket-like clothes. If there would be something like a face beanie, I'd wear the shit out of it! 

Unfortunately, freezing winter temperatures will stick with us for a while still. So for now, all there's to do is waiting for temperatures to increase again a little bit so this casual weekend look can be mine again. Even more so on weekends, I always seem to reach to comfy sneakers combined with (even more) oversized shirts and blouses. And the millions of booties I got in my dressing are crying because they feel unappreciated and unworn... Winter time got me in a rut. If it's not gonna snow anytime soon - 'cause snow is pretty and makes me happy- blanket outfits will make their entrance on the blog. I apologize in advance. 

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