Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We Wear: Hassle in Hasselt

Finally! Some decent outfit pictures for you guys. I'm wearing an outfit that is my current favorite. So I will be wearing this until I'm dead tired of every single piece involved. My Christmas outfit even resembles this outfit. You've all seen me wear this hat, jacket and boots on multiple occasions already. This time I paired them with my new shorts from My Mum Made It, new polkadot panties by Zalando and new sparkly green top by Paplou. Love at first sight I tell you.

We went to Hasselt on Saturday to eat a bagel at Eve and Molly's (BEST bagels in town, I swear), made a very quick stroll through Winterland (I really wanted some gl├╝hwein) and bought a present for a baby visit the next day. And while you think this all happened in peace and quiet, you are wrong. Hasselt couldn't have been more crowded! So after the present we quickly escaped all the hassle with a well deserved coffee at King Kong Coffee. We ended up staying there for two hours and then went to Maasmechelen to see The Hourglass Instinct play an awesome set at a local gig.

A weekend well spent! 


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